School Property Management

5YA & 10YPP Planning

APL has significant expertise in the education sector and is highly proficient in assessing School Property, highlighting key issues and opportunities and providing a practical plan that aligns with the Ministry of Education's (MOE) desired outcomes. With a tailored service based on client needs, robust management systems and on-time delivery, APL provides high quality results which ensure the best outcomes for the client.

APL is an MOE Preferred Supplier approved to deliver projects and the following 10YPP works to schools.

Full Condition Assessments of School Property:

  • Highlight key operational concerns
  • An update of WebFM Condition Assessment
  • Check and update Ministry Property Management System (confirming building usage, Block name and number etc)
  • Specialist sign-offs obtained (and any required full specialist reports)
  • Review of compliance, health and safety and risk identification
  • Review of property maintenance
  • Review of school cleaning

Development of Property Ten Year Plan with the School Board:

  • Set key objectives for School Property and environment
  • Define goals and objectives
  • Develop an approach to achieve the vision
  • Obtain Ministry of Education approval of 10YPP and 5YA

Provide Full Project Delivery for approved 5YA projects:

APL's strength and expertise is in the delivery of school property projects. Its significant project management experience, strong working relationship with the MOE and in-depth knowledge of school property positions APL ahead of many other providers in this field. Its long term overview of the wider picture ensures management of school property is strategic without duplication or inefficient use of funds.

Why APL is a Top Service Provider in the Field:

  • Project management expert with experience in school property
  • Understands project impact on school's core business and minimises disruption without impacting on delivery
  • Expert property consultant with knowledge of regulatory environment and legislation
  • Local service provider with extensive design and construction contacts
  • Familiar with education environment through 18 years education sector experience
  • MOE accredited supplier qualified to prepare and submit 10YPP
  • Available nationwide with offices in Queenstown, Blenheim and Rotorua
  • Board of Trustee experience
  • Strong understanding of school funding
  • Extensive experience in providing condition assessments, asset management plans and strategic property analysis
  • National experience in 10YPP and 5YA management
  • Personnel trained in MOE's condition assessment and 10YPP courses
  • Transparent fee structure and costs
  • Independent operator not affiliated to architect or builder with ability to research own best solutions

As School Property Manager APL will:

  • Ensure the Board of Trustees vision and future requirements are protected and policies and plans implemented
  • Liaise on project matters between the school and outside consultants
  • Keep regular contact with contractors and building site managers to ensure the programme is proceeding according to expectations
  • Ensure development of the 10 YPP and implementation of 5YA
  • Ensure compliance, including Health and Safety
  • Develop school property budget in conjunction with the Finance Manager
  • Ensure preparation of 10 and 15 year strategic plans
  • Create, manage and maintain long term landscape plan
  • Manage Property Staff (where appropriate)
  • Provide specialist operational advice around school Swimming Pools/Aquatic Centres (where applicable)

APL 5YA & 10YPP clients include:

  • Fairhall School, Marlborough
  • Renwick School, Marlborough
  • Queenstown Primary School, Queenstown
  • Marlborough Colleges

Other areas where APL can add value...

APL has project managed the design and construction of a number of national and local sports facilities and is experienced in the issues surrounding the requirements, use and operations of such. APL is therefore able to offer expert advice on behalf of a school involved in the development of a sports facility (either directly as owner or as a stakeholder in a community project).