Property Portfolio Management


APL is the pre-eminent provider of property services to local authorities throughout New Zealand with over 17 years experience under its belt.

There are currently only two local authority property portfolios in New Zealand which are contracted out. Both are managed by APL and have seen their performance improved dramatically under APL’s professional and expert management.

APL is also property advisor to a number of other local authorities throughout the Country. It is the only New Zealand based property specialist which knows exactly how to deal with local authority public property and the political environment it operates in.

Public property portfolios are governed by many statutory limitations and political impositions. APL staff are leading professionals who have considerable experience and knowledge of the legislation and regulations governing public land and an acute political awareness of the importance of prudent property management.

Since 2004 APL has also managed, and is on the preferred supplier list for several Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) contracts. It has considerable knowledge of LINZ and the Crown’s processes, policies and requirements.

APL has been involved in Treaty of Waitangi Settlement negotiations and is currently property manager and strategic advisor to several North Island and Central Iwi property portfolios. This requires good working knowledge of historical and cultural associations and of the diverse nature of the various property groups and their constraints under the Settlement process. APL’s expertise ensures the highest possible return is achieved for the Iwi.